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Agriculture Industry

In dairy farms, sanitation begins with the cow. To ensure good hygiene at the start of the food chain is of paramount importance as any compromise at this stage will affect product quality and the end customer. Anichem Speciality's vast experience in this region has helped us to develop products according to local requirements keeping in view the extreme heat and humid climatic conditions of this region. This has resulted in Anichem being the largest agricultural hygiene product supplier in the region.

Acid Based Detergents

Product Description Downloads
ANICHEM ADD01 Acid descaler for Spray Cleaning
ANICHEM ADS02 Acid detergent descaler with disinfectant

Caustic Based Detergents

Product Description Downloads
ANICHEM PS56 Milk Parlor Concentrated detergent and sanitizer
ANICHEM LPS53 Liquid sanitizer with scale and corrosion inhibitor
ANICHEM CD03 Caustic based detergent for CIP, Bottle and Crate washing


Product Description Downloads
ANICHEM PCDS123 Pink chlorinated detergent sanitizer
ANICHEM PCD30 Pink Chlorinated detergent & sanitizer
ANICHEM ACETOXY ACTIVE AD13 Peracetic based broad-spectrum disinfectant 
ANICHEM AQD34 Amphoteric quaternary Disinfectant
ANICHEM ATD77 Amphoteric Terminal Disinfectant
ANICHEM QD26 Quaternary Disinfectant
ANICHEM BF128 Iodine based disinfectant for back flush in milking parlour

General Purpose Cleaner

Product Description Downloads
ANICHEM PD32 Disinfectant and deodourizer
ANICHEM ND42 General Purpose Liquid Neutral detergent

Hand Care and Hygiene

Product Description Downloads
ANICHEM ABD21 Alcohol based disinfectant
ANICHEM ABDG52 Alcohol based disinfectant gel
ANICHEM BHS20 Bactericidal Hand Soap


Product Description Downloads
ANICHEM GPS35 Disinfectant and deodourizer
ANICHEM QS18 Quaternary Sanitizer

Teat Dip

Product Description Downloads
ANICHEM TD05 Iodine based teat dip with emollient & 3% Iodine + 16% Emollient
ANICHEM TD05 Plus Iodine based teat dip with high level emollient & 3% Iodine, 32% Emollient
ANICHEM TD51 Iodine based teat dip with emollient & 1% Iodine
ANICHEM US61 Udder Sanitizer
ANICHEM Blue Teat Dip BTD48 Chlorohexidiene based teat dip with emollient
ANICHEM TDFF126 Iodine based fim forming teat dip with 10% emollient and no drip
ANICHEM PTD127 Iodine based pre teat dip udder wash
Anichem LPTD130 Lactic acid based pre teat dip with emollient