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Manual Dishwash

Detergents for hand dishwashing must cut through grease easily without being harsh to the hands and should be easy to rinse. Concentrated formulas mean effective results every time, even with the greasiest pots and pans. Convenient dispensers make sure that the product use is cost controlled. When extra hygiene is necessary, a washing up liquid containing a bactericide can be considered. Application to washing cloths and brushes will stop germ growth and prevent cross-contamination. 

Anichem Manual Dishwashing detergents are tough on grease, but gentle to your hands. These are suitable for cleaning and disinfection of walls, pots, utensils, knives, choppers, cutting boards and all kitchen applications. Our products are available in perfumed as well as non-perfumed variety (to prevent tainting of the food).


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ANICHEM AW91 Neutral Hand Dishwash Detregent
ANICHEM BDD82 Bactericidal Manual Dishwashing Detergent