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Machine Warewash & Stewarding

Clean, dry, spotless & hygienic tableware on time and every time is possible from large or small kitchens based on the smooth running of your dishwashing machine for an efficient supply of sparkling clean and hygienic tableware, pans and utensils.There are many types of dishwashing machines - small, single-tank, multi-tank and flight - but they all work on the same principle and operating any one of them requires similar knowledge and expertise. 

The MWW cycle usually consists of four steps: 

Pre wash     : Temperature should be kept around 40 C 

Main wash   : Temperature should be kept around 55 C 

Pre rinse      : Temperature should be kept around 65 C 

Final Rinse   : Temperature should be kept around 82 C 

Automatic dosing of chemicals eliminates high detergent costs caused due to overdosing, or rewashing costs due to underdosing. Accurate dosing means lower and predictable costs.Anichem Speciality Warewashing range covers a wide range of requirements of the stewarding.Read our Plan for efficient Ware Washing for more details.


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Manually Dosed Auxillary

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