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Dilution System

Anichem® Room Care dilution system is developed by Beta Technology, USA. It offers reliability and convenience unlike any other proportioning system. Its patented design makes installation easy and reduces the need for unscheduled maintenance caused by the clogging of old-fashioned metering tips. Trouble calls for clogged water supplies or nozzle splashing are also reduced by BetaJet's ultra-fine filtration water strainer. BetaJet also reduces your inventory requirements by making reconfiguration simple. Switching from bottle fill to bucket fill takes just seconds, and you can snap BetaJets together quickly without tools or threaded fittings. Because these proportioners take the metering device out of the chemical supply tube, they offer a new standard in usability, safety, and reliability. 

The dilution system has the following features : 

> Attractive design 

> Easy installation 

> Reduced trouble calls 

> Simple maintenance 

> Increased safety 

BetaJet's design innovations let you get competitive, really competitive. Its acquisition cost is unbelievably low for the value it offers. Beta understands that time spent on installation costs money, so we designed key features that reduce your installation expenses including: 

> Fast dilution adjustments with patented metering peg 

> Tool Free assembly 

> Threadless, quick connectors for multiple product systems 

> Fast and easy disassembly and reassembly for routine maintenance 

> Units can be customized in the field

The system is colour coded to ensure that a particular product is filled in a specific bottle.


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